Asteni mesindus OÜ provides a guarantee for the equipment manufactured and sold by against possible construction, production and mechanical defects. After the end of the warranty period, the reference to reporting a defect during the warranty period is not valid unless it was made in writing.


The guarantee is issued:

  • For electronics inside the device control panel (frequency converters, contactors, temperature controllers) – 2 years (24 months)
  • Motors and gearboxes on the unit – 2 years (24 months)
  • Device construction details and welds – 5 years (60 months)

The warranty starts from the moment the goods are handed over to the customer and the “acceptance deed of acceptance” is signed.

The warranty applies to the first buyer / user of the equipment sold.

The customer ordering the warranty repair must prove the validity of the warranty period of the device. (on acceptance of the deed of transfer or serial number on the CE marking)


The warranty covers the costs incurred in repairing construction, production, and mechanical defects of the equipment identified by Asteni Mesindus OÜ during the warranty period.

The above-mentioned errors are corrected by a person authorized by Asteni Mesindus OÜ or an authorized maintenance company, and put the device back into operation.

Parts and details replaced under warranty are the property of Asteni Mesindus OÜ and are subject to return.


The equipment attached to the place will be repaired at the customer on working days Monday to Friday at 8.00 – 16.30. If the customer wishes to carry out warranty repairs outside normal business hours, he will reimburse the resulting additional costs.

In the case of the examination of the device, the equipment that is easily transported and easily removed from the mains must be delivered by the Buyer to the factory of Asteni Mesindus OÜ at its own expense. (e.g. tanks and wheeled equipment)

In the case of large-scale and more technically complex equipment, the transport and disconnection of the equipment must be approved in writing in advance by Asteni Mesindus OÜ. (eg lines details and uncapping machines)

Upon arrival of the technician on site, the technician must be prepared for free access to the equipment.

The repaired equipment will be picked up by the customer or returned to the customer at his own expense.


This warranty is valid provided that the device has been used under normal conditions and that the operating instructions have been followed carefully. If the above conditions are met, Asteni Mesindus OÜ is responsible.

The warranty does not cover losses that may be caused by a defect in the device, including damage to property, personal and other property, loss of income, damaged production and other consequential damages.

The warranty repair does not include regular maintenance of the equipment and does not cover the costs arising from non-compliance with the rules of use and maintenance of the equipment.


Improper transportation, improper lifting or moving of the device and non-compliance with the installation rules of the device (unless it has been performed by persons authorized by Asteni Mesindus OÜ)

Due to negligence of the user of the device or non-observance of the instructions for use or handling conditions

Due to device overload.

Use of the device for purposes other than those for which it was intended.

When inserting frames that are not suitable for the devices.

Conditions independent of Asteni Mesindus OÜ:

  • current voltage fluctuations + -5%, at 220V
  • Lightning strikes
  • fire
  • flooding
  • vandalism
  • Incorrect connections between the device and the power cord
  • defective fuses
  • Extension cords that are too long and defective
  • high water hardness
  • Damage caused by repairs, maintenance or structural changes performed by unauthorized maintenance companies.
  • Improper installation or placement of the device at the place of use that does not comply with the installation and operating instructions or is otherwise incorrect.
  • Improper storage conditions of user equipment (excessive humidity and negative temperature in the storage room)


The warranty does not cover:

The repair of surface scratches which are insignificant from the point of view of the operation of the device,

Adjustments, on-site instruction, cleaning and recovery measures mentioned in the normal operating instructions for the device.

Work resulting from non-observance of precautionary or installation rules or their explanation at the installation site.

Parts that are likely to break as a result of use or natural wear and tear are not covered by the normal warranty:

  • warning lights
  • switches
  • moving plastic parts
  • heaters
  • seals
  • clamps
  • springs
  • hose fittings
  • bearings
  • bearing brackets
  • hoses
  • plastic covers