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Delivery time is different for each product. Some of the products are immediately available in stock from time to time, but since we produce the equipment according to the customers’ wishes, it is always advisable to order our product in advance. For more detailed stock, call us on +372 525 1236 or write to

You can visit our dealerships or visit our manufacturing plant on working days from 08:00 to 16:30. Not all devices may be available on site, for more info call us on +372 525 1236 or write to

Yes. It is very important for us that the customer trusts us and therefore we offer a guarantee for the: Control panel inner electronics (frequency converters, contactors, temperature controllers) – 2 years (24 months).

Motors and redusers on the devices – 2 years (24 months). Device construction details and welds – 5 years (60months). You can also be sure that if something happens to the device during the fast beekeeping season, we will always be there for you.

The products can be paid for in the factory in cash or on the basis of an invoice before receiving the product. There is no card payment option. At the resellers, the payment options are cash or card payment

We always want to offer our customers fast and efficient help in case the device breaks down, especially during the fast beekeeping season. In the event of a device failure, contact us immediately and talk about the problem. For faster service, we recommend that you bring the device to our production in Türi-Alliku.

We always repair warranty repairs and other product defects free of charge.

Yes. 20% VAT will be added to all products on the website.

Yes, our cooperation partner is DPD and we send all our products all over Estonia quickly in 1 – 3 working days. The exact shipping cost depends on the size and quantities of the product.

Our partner ETS-Logistic takes care of the transport of goods in Europe.

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About our team

Ardi Asten
Founder/ President

With more than 30 years of beekeeping experience, it ensures that beekeepers receive high-quality equipment that takes into account the needs of beekeepers.

+372 505 1236

Marko Sula
Factory manager

Planning, organizing and coordinating the daily activities of the Asten Honey production and technology factory

+372 525 1236

Arvydas Mockevicius
Asten sales representative in eu

Engaged in finding and communicating with partners and resellers


Address: Vilniaus 242/76304 / Šiauliai / Lithuania



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