The machine for honeycomb cutting for 1/2 Dadant frame

Model: UMD
(1/2 Dadant frame 470X160mm)
The machine for honeycomb cutting is a manual device, which facilitates the beekeeper’s work during the course of the primary yield of honey. It is compatible with the different standards for shop honeycombs, featuring a height up to 160mm. It operates, while applying the principle of the printing-out fork, as it takes away by 3mm from both sides of the surface layer below the level of the frame.
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The machine under review is fixed by means of two fixing elements onto the edge of the board on the honey tub. The positioning locks three operational positions, depending on the model of the honey tub. The guides are adjustable, depending on the widths of the honeybombs, from 25mm to 36mm.

It is not necessary to drill holes in the honey tub.

The machine for honeycomb cutting and board printing

The honeycomb is placed between the knives and gets fixed with the guides. By rotating the handle, the honeycomb is cut down and falls onto the rails of the honey tub. By means of the pusher, the honeycomb is moved forward.

Advantages of uncapping frames:

  • it is easy to install, assemble and se
  • easy to operate
  • able to uncap from 60 to 100 frames per hour
  • compact size
  • does not require electrical power or blade heating


  • plastic parts are made from food-grade polyamide
  • metal parts are made from stainless steel


The machine operates at temperatures above 25°C with honeycombs which have not yet begun to crystallize.