Wax melting tank with a capacity of approx. 350L.

The device is suitable for melting or clarifying wax and honey.

The device works on the principle of a water jacket with a thickness of 20mm, the outer layer is insulated with wool 30mm.

The lid of the device is removable and insulated.

Heater power 3kW temperature control from controller ESM-3711

Water jacket capacity approx. 40l

The circulation of the water jacket is ensured by the circulation pump.

The water jacket reaches its working temperature of 90C´ in about 3-5 hours, depending on the external environment.

The device is equipped with three taps. The water for the device is filled and emptied from the first tap ½“, the lower 1 ¼“ stainless steel ball valve is used to dispense honey, wax and mud. Wax is dispensed from the 1 ¼“ tap in the middle of the device when honey and mud have been dispensed with the lower tap.

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 108 × 60 × 125 cm

Technical specifications

  • Capacity ca350l
  • Water jacket 20mm
  • Water capacity 45l
  • Insulation layer 30mm
  • Heater 3kw
  • Circulation pump
  • Total power 3050w
  • Device weight 85kg
  • Temperature controller ESM-3711
  • Overheating protection 110C`
  • Ball valve ½“
  • Ball valve 1 ¼“ 2pcs


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