Small uncapping machine 230v

Model: UM/S230
Small uncapping machine is produced for uncapping honeycomb frames with hot cutting knives.
6952€ 5698€ (without VAT)
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  • Device manufactured in Estonia
  • 5-year warranty
  • Reliable quality

The small uncapping machine is designed to uncap honeycombs using hot cutting knifes.

The uncapping machine is suitable for apiary`s where 50 to 150 bee colonies are managed.

Productivity of the uncapping machine is about 6-10 frames per minute.

The heating system of the cutting knives is equipped with a 2kW heater which can be controlled by a temperature controller.

Heating system water capacity 5l, circulation of the system is ensured by a circulation pump.

Possibility to adjust the gap between the cutting knives.

The uncapping machine is on a 2500mm long frame, of which 2000mm is a drainage bath.

Drainage bath capacity 50-56 frames. Using the feed motor, the drain pan is automatically filled with uncapped frames.

These products, produced by Asten Honey production & technology, are suitable for the small uncapping machine: capping extruder, honey pump, honey filter and honey extractor.

By adding these products to the uncapping machine, you have created a small uncapping line solution for your apiary.

Technical specifications

  • Device frame made of 2mm stainless steel AISI304
  • Uncapping machine mechanism details: chain, gears, shafts, frame guides, stainless steel AISI304
  • Fastening tools made of stainless steel
  • Uncapping machine blades made of 2mm stainless steel AISI304
  • Heating system housing stainless steel AISI304
  • Plastic control panel IP65 class
  • Compatible with 380V mains (optional)
  • Compatible with 220V mains (0.4kW frequency converter added) (optional)
  • Power cable length 3m
  • The maximum power of the device is 380V = 3225W
  • The maximum power of the device is 220V = 3625W
  • Feed motor power 0.25kW (Tramec)
  • Knife motor power 0.37kW (Tramec)
  • Frequency converter 0.4kW than 380V (Delta)
  • Frequency converter 0.4kW x2 than 220V (Delta)
  • Worm gearbox KC40P(Tramec)
  • Heating system fluid capacity 5L
  • Heating system heater power 2kW
  • Heating system heater made of stainless steel AISI316
  • Heating system temperature sensor PT100
  • Heating system temperature controller ESM-3711
  • Heating system circulation pump OHI25-40 / 180
  • 3 speeds can be selected between the heating system circulation pump
  • Heating system piping made of stainless steel and heat-resistant silicone hose
  • Uncapping machine with a productivity of 6 to 10 frames per minute.
  • Possibility to adjust the feed speed
  • Possibility to combine with capping extruder.
  • Possibility to adjust the cutting gap of the blades
  • Possibility to set the hysteresis of the heating system
  • Possibility to adjust the slope of the drained bath up to 50 mm
  • Capacity of 50-56 frames on the drain bath depends on the type of frame


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