Honey extractor Radial 230V

Model: HE48/56
Radial extractor is intended for extracting honey from honeycombs. You have option to choose between manual control and 3 automatic programs.
3977€ 3260€ (without VAT)
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  • Device manufactured in Estonia
  • 5-year warranty
  • Reliable quality

The HE-48 honey extractor is a fully automatic speed-adjustable radial honey extractor for professional use it has 4 sectors.

The HE-48 extractor can hold Langstroth 48 and a Farrer 56 frame. Estonian and Dadant frames are also suitable. The device works with a geared motor, which is under the bottom of the spinner – power supply 220V, motor 0.37kw.

All parts are made of stainless steel, the lids are made of transparent plastic.

The HE 48 is equipped with 3 programs that can be selected from the control panel, in addition, it is possible to adjust the speed manually.

The device is equipped with an electronic lid locking system.

The control panel of the extractor has a movable option, you will have options to mount it on a wall or in another suitable place for you.

As an additional equipment, it is possible to add underfloor heating to the device.

Electric underfloor heating (+250.00€) (ei sisalda KM)

Thank you, no., Yes, I want underfloor heating.

Quick connector (+52.00€) does not include VAT)

Thanks, no., Yes, I want a quick connector.

Technical specifications

  • Power supply 220V
  • Power cable length 3m
  • The cable length between the device and the shield is 2 m
  • Controller ESM-3711 HN
  • With bottom heating up to 55C`
  • Ground heating power 320W
  • Motor power 0.37kW (Tramac)
  • Total power 0.69kW
  • Number of frames to be inserted Langstroth 48pcs / Farrer 56pcs
  • Electronic cover lock mechanism
  • Stainless steel ball valve 1 ¼
  • Portable control panel
  • Work programs 3
  • Operating modes 2 (automatic and manual mode)
  • Container made of stainless steel AISI304 thickness 0.8mm
  • Extractor frame made of metal
  • Extractor frame painted with abrasion-resistant powder paint
  • Weight 70kg
  • Noise level 35dB
  • Maximum speed 42Hz

Device dimensions:

  • Cask diameter 950mm / total width 1020mm
  • Cask height 750mm / total height 1030mm
  • Ball valve height from the floor 250mm

Suitable frames

  • Langstroth Frames can hold 48 pieces
  • Farrer frames can hold 56pcs
  • Estonian frame: 448x270x25
  • Langstroth frame: 480x235x35
  • Farrer frame: 480x160x35
  • Dadant

(For other frame types, contact us)


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