Automatic honeycomb uncapping and extracting line 80

Model: HEL80
Line solution is designed and assembled for professional beekeepers. To speed up and simplify honey processing processes.
Honey processing line includes all the necessary equipment needed for uncapping and extracting honeycombs, as well for squeezing out the last drop of honey from the wax.
65000€ (without VAT)
The price includes transport within Europe, installation, setup and two maintenances over two seasons.
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  • Device manufactured in Estonia
  • 5-year warranty
  • Reliable quality

This device contains:

  1. BX – DEBOXER – For lifting frames from hive box, onto the feed chains in uncapping machine. Lifting by air cylinder, control by foot pedal.
  2. UM/B400 – UNCAPPING MACHINE – vibrating knives + honeycomb loosener, closed water heating system for knifes with 3kW heater, frame forwarding to uncapping machine by chains.
  3. WP100 – WAXPRESS – For squeezing honey out from capping`s, with a productivity up to 100 kg/h
  4. HP 1300 – HONEY PUMP – For pumping honey to storage containers, capable to pump wax mixture honey, with productivity up to 1300 kg/h, with a stainless steel level sensor.
  5. HF250C / HF250W – HONEY FILTER – Option to choose between two models, Water jacket heating 1.2kW or Cable heating 0.52kW. Honey from extractor and waxpress is collected in the filter, from the filter honey is directed to post-processing vessels using a pump.
  6. FR80 – TRANSPORT RAILS – Uncapped frames are transported to the barrel extractor from the help of chain system. The length of the transport rail is 3.5m. Capacity 80 frames. Air cylinder helps to push the frames in the barrel extractor, cylinder is controlled with a joystick.
  7. BE80 – BARREL EXTRACTOR – Horizontal extractor, 4 sectors, sector capacity 20 frames, full capacity 80 frames. Sectors are changed at the push of a button. Extractor works with a brake motor for safer sector filling. Possibility to operate the brake with a button and foot pedal. The extractor is equipped with 3 spinning programs that can be selected from the control panel, in addition possibility to manually adjust the speed and time of spinning cycles.
  8. BR80 – BACK RAILS – For extracted frames. 2 lanes move right or left. The capacity of one lane is 40 frames, the total capacity is 80 frames.

Technical specifications

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