About us

Beekeeping wisdom has been passed down at our farm for three generations. The first beehives were produced in 1930 and the bees were settled in the hives. The Asteni apiary farm started operation in 1990. Since 2000, we has been operating as a company called Asteni Mesindus OÜ. In 2003, a production building that conforms to European requirements and modern production conditions was completed. The entire bee-producing process takes place from start to finish – from beekeeping to the honey reaching the consumers.


Since 2012, the company produces special beekeeping equipment for beekeepers and those interested in beekeeping. The equipment and devices are produced by specialists, whose experience in the manufacturing of beekeeping equipment dates back to 1994. Under the supervision of these clever men, honey extractors, wax melters, capping mechanisms and special products ordered by beekeepers are produced.